01233 840048
Mundy Bois Road, near Pluckley,
Ashford, Kent TN27 0ST

01233 840048
Mundy Bois Road, near Pluckley,
Ashford, Kent TN27 0ST

  • Pluckley viewed across the fields
  • Bluebells in Dering Woods
  • After the pheasant shoot
  • Pony and trap in Mundy Bois Laååne
  • The Ashford Valley Hunt
  • The Rose & Crown from across the field

THE LOCAL AREA is now mostly agricultural farmland though it was well wooded as recent as the Medieval Period, as indicated by local place names ending in “den” - the Old English word for woodland pasture. It was around here that “The Darling Buds of May” TV serial was filmed.

The Rose & Crown sits directly on the parish borders of Egerton and Pluckley. The parish boundary actually splits the building leaving the bar in one parish and the toilets in the other. You can imaginge that this creates much laughter for many locals and not so much for others, depending of course which parish you live in!

From the 11th Century until 1928, most of the surrounding land was owned by the Dering family. Their importance to the area is still evident with Dering Woods being just down the lane.

It was in these woods that the highwayman Robert Du Bois met his end after one or more locals became fed up with his activities and ran him through with a sword, pinning him to an oak tree during the Stuart period. He became one of the numerous ghosts that are now famous for haunting the village of Pluckley, the most haunted village in Britain!

The Dering family lived in the grand house of Surrenden Manor and it was here that the earliest extant manuscript text of any Shakespearean play, was discovered. The manuscript provides a single play version of both Part I and Part II of Henry IV.

Oast House at Elvey Farm HOPS were once grown extensively in the area and there are many oast houses locally where the hops were dried before being used to flavour beer.

The Ashford Valley Hunt THE HUNT’S arrival for the Stirrup Cup before they go drag hunting is always a spectacular sight to see.

Glamping in Pluckley CAMPING & GLAMPING in our idyllic countryside is very popular and there are a number of camp sites in the area.

Cycling along the lanes RAMBLING & CYCLING is a great way to see the lovely local lanes and views.

Surrenden Manor SURRENDEN MANOR, home to the Dering family from 1480. Sadly most of it burnt down in 1952.

St James’ Church, Egerton EGERTON was first recorded in 1100 and has a large 12th century parish church indicating it must have been a wealthy farming community by that time.